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Since 1987, Beta Marine has been manufacturing world class marine diesel engines.  Beta Marine West is proud to offer these extraordinary engines and parts to customers here in the United States. 


Beta Marine West offers an unbeatable 5 year warranty.


Beta Marine Engines are known for:

   • Easy Maintenance – built with all of the routine maintenance components on the front of each engine.

   • 3 Year “Do-it-yourself” Warranty – Beta is built with the “do-it-your-selfer” in mind.

   • The perfect fit – custom engine feet are available to be made to accommodate any engine bed.

Check out this happy Beta customer's video - install completed by one of our dealers in southern California Chris Rinaldi at California Yacht Services/RS Marine!


Follow Tom's adventures on his YouTube channel : Sail Before Sunet.


Thanks for the great feedback Tom! Happy cruising!



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