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This engine is suitable for boats with displacement of 6-7 tons with a water line legth (LWL) of 32-36 feet.

Horse Power




Cubic Capacity




30 @ 3600 rpm




1123cc /68.53 ci

139kg / 306 lbs


65 Amp

Beta 30

Beta 30



The Beta 30 is a 3 cylinder, naturally aspirated, diesel propulsion engine developing 30 bhp at 3,600 rpm with a swept volume of 1123 cc.

Standard Options

Upgrade Options

The Beta 30 Diesel Propulsion Engine

Technical Specifications

16.14″ (410mm) mount centers

65 Amp alternator

ABV Instrument Panel

Flexible coupling

Flexible mounts

Heat exchanger cooling

High Inertia Flywheel

Intake silencer / Air filter

Oil change pump (fitted)

Shaft Coupling

Shallow oil pan

Standard exhaust injection elbow

Stop solenoid

TMC 40 transmission

Transmission Options

standard – TMC 40


Bobtail - No gearbox but with drive plate


TMC 40 1.45:1 / 2:1 / 2.6:1   


TMC 60Twin disc/Technodrive 1.55:1 / 2:1 / 2.45:1 / 2.83:1  


TMC 60A 7 degree down angle 2:1 / 2.45:1


TMC 60 Oil Coolerfor running LH in Ahead (NOT for TMC60A)


PRM 80 2:1 / 2.5:1


PRM 120 2.04:1 / 2.5:1 / 2.94:1


ZF 15MIV2.13:1 / 2.99:1

Alternator (standard) w/ Serpentine Belt System

Alternator 120 amp w/ Serpentine Belt Drive System

High Rise Exhaust Elbow for 2″ hose

High Rise Exhaust Elbow for 2″ hose – 150mm rise

High Rise Exhaust Elbow for 2″ hose – 200mm rise

High Rise Exhaust Elbow for 2″ hose – Volvo style cross over

Panel – Type ABVW Waterproof

Panel – Type B

Panel – Type C   click here for panel dimensions

Panel – Type CW Waterproof

More Options

Adverc Controller

2nd 100 Amp alternator, engine mounted

100 Amp Balmar Alternator

Flybridge Panel

Hot water Fittings

Insulated Ground Electrical w/ 70 amp Alt

Keel cooling

Long term storage (test run on Ensis oil and Calibration fluid)

Mount and pulley for Sea Frost compressor

Mounts @ 11.5″ centers (Atomic 4)

Mounts @ 14.5″ Centers (Yanmar GM)

Panel – Type A

Panel Extension harness with starter relay

Panel Recess with clear lid for B panel

Panel Recess with clear lid for C panel   click here for recess dimensions

PTO Pulley (twin A sections)

Remote Oil Filter

Rear facing water pump

Downloads & Support

Data Sheet

Schematics with TMC 60

Schematics with ZF15

Schematics with TMC 40

Atomic 4 Replacement


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